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We at Rare Earth Lawn Care are true believers in being the VERY best at what we do. We try to focus on one entity of yard maintenance for that reason. The services we provide are simple but we can guarantee that we WILL be the best. We specialize in and master the following services:

~ Rough Cutting
~ Standard Mowing
~ Mulching
~ Planting plants
~ Transplanting Plants
~ Weed Eating
~ Edging
~ Hedge shearing
~ Dirt Replacement
~ Blowing off your property
~ Pressure Washing
~ Landscaping Assessments

We will use all horticulturally accepted practices such as proper mow height for your specific grass, correct hedge trimming for type of year and plant specified, mulching as needed for your landscape beds, advisement on proper irrigation and fixing as needed, when to fertilize your turf and beds and advisement on turf weed management. 


We adhere to all “Florida Friendly” landscape principles Right Plant, Right Place; Water Efficiently; Fertilize Appropriately; Mulch; Attract Wildlife; Manage Yard Pests Responsibly; Recycle Yard Waste; Reduce Storm Water Runoff and Protect the Waterfront

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“My yard has never looked more beautiful. I never realized a lawn mowing service could be so knowledgeable. “



“Dave and his crew have over exceeded my expectations. My lawn looks like a carpet”




Mowing, Edging, Blowing

You Name It, We’ll Be there.

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